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    Wholesale Dental Floss
    Promote good oral hygiene with a steady supply of floss for patients, customers and clients by ordering wholesale dental floss at DollarDays... . Our selection of premium floss and dental pick floss is priced right for giveaways, resale, hygiene kits and more. Find your favorite brands like Oral-B and Plackers or try one of our value selections to stretch your budget further without sacrificing quality. All of our floss and floss picks are hand-selected for quality and are available for fast shipping.

    Deep Clean Between Teeth
    The primary job of floss is to dig deep and to clean between teeth in the areas that a toothbrush simply can’t get to. Floss should be used regularly as part of an oral hygiene routine and thanks to DollarDays, keeping the spaces between teeth clean is now more affordable than ever. Our selection of wholesale floss is perfect for dental offices and hotels that provide floss free of charge to patients and guests. Travel kiosks, convenience stores and other small retailers will also love our impressive selection of floss products and low case counts.

    Looking for dental floss pick packages instead? We have those too and offer flossers or floss picks at an impressive savings. Stock your shelves with a variety of floss and flossers to give your customers or patients the most options possible to promote better oral care.

    Low Order Requirements
    Whether you’re shopping for traditional floss or floss picks, you’ll appreciate DollarDays’ low order requirements. We make it easy for small business owners to stock up on floss and flossing supplies while staying within budget, Order a small case of floss to stock a convenience store or order a case of floss and floss picks to put in gift bags for customers of your dental practice. At DollarDays, practitioners and small business owners can take advantage of bulk pricing, just like the big guys.

    Shop at DollarDays today to find the best selection of floss and dental floss picks at wholesale prices. Enjoy fast shipping on every order along with top-notch customer service. For questions or for help ordering, please don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized service.
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    Floss Picks - Mint,​ 90 Count

    SKU #966878 | 36 /case

    As low as $1.59/unit




    New Low Price


    New Low Price



    Dental Water Flossers - Cordless

    SKU #2365631 | 25 /case


    As low as $1.45/unit