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Simple and economical, duffel bags offer a surefire solution for carrying stuff... . Whether you are traveling all the way around the world or just across town, the right duffel bag will help you transport your belongings safely, stylishly and comfortably.

At DollarDays, we carry a huge selection of duffel bags and tote bags. That makes it easy to find exactly the right size, style and color to suit just about any person or use.

These bags are great for places like summer camps, so kids can transport and store their clothing simply. They can also be great gifts for nonprofits and charities to give to constituents or to sell at fundraisers. In addition, the unit prices on our wholesale duffel bags are so low that online, flea market and bricks-and-mortar sellers can make a substantial profit on these perennially popular products.

You’ll find all kinds of colors here, ranging from basic beiges and blacks to ravishing reds, greens and golds. Material options include luxurious leather as well as sturdy, easy-care manmade materials like nylon and polyester.

A variety of sizes makes it easy to find exactly the right duffel bag for your needs. We have smaller duffels perfect for day trips and larger ones made to accommodate lots of clothing and personal items for adventures farther afield.

Our sports duffels include basketball duffel bags. These are ideal for hauling athletic clothes back and forth to the gym, field, skating rink or wherever else they are used.

You’ll find duffels with shoulder straps for extra ease in carrying. Choose from duffels with or without compartments for organizing and separating stuff.

In addition to duffels, we carry tote bags. These are ideal for shopping excursions and shorter trips.
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Duffel Bag - Style #027

SKU #1923428 | 24 /case


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NEW! Duffle Bags - 4 Colors,​ 22"

SKU #2376157 | 24 /case

As low as $7.72/unit

Deluxe Duffel Bag - Style #025

SKU #1923883 | 12 /case


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Large Square Duffel

SKU #1922696 | 12 /case


  • Black
  • Red
Duffle Bags - Assorted,​ 20"

SKU #2376155 | 24 /case

As low as $7.12/unit


Sports Duffel Bag

SKU #2333756 | 18 /case


Duffel Bag - Style #018

SKU #1923402 | 24 /case


  • Forest Green / Black
  • Navy
  • Navy / Black
  • Red
  • Red / Black
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NEW! Duffle Bags - 3 Colors,​ 26"

SKU #2376161 | 24 /case

As low as $9.54/unit

Barrel Duffel

SKU #1922664 | 24 /case


  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Forest
  • Grey
  • Kelly
Poly Duffel Bag - Style #072

SKU #1923511 | 36 /case


Two Tone Duffel Bag

SKU #1473969 | 48 /case


As low as $9.46/unit