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Make this Father’s Day one to remember with wholesale gifts for dads from DollarDays... . These thoughtful presents are perfect for all kinds of events and celebrations honoring fathers. And with plenty of options to choose from, including Father’s Day keychains, wallets, ties and more, you’re sure to find something that your dear old Dad will love. Buy in bulk with a variety of case pack sizes to get just what you need this Father’s Day.

Celebrate Dads Everywhere
There are so many things you can do to honor your dad this Father’s Day. Besides getting him a nice card and enjoying some quality time together, make sure you get him a gift to show him just how much you care. Our selection of stylish products includes something for every budget, including Father’s Day gift under $3. Besides the great prices, however, you’ll also love that DollarDays has a wide variety of high-quality gift options. Give your worldly dad a sleek flask or cigar tube. Stylish dads love a nice tie or cufflinks set, while handy dads love fun gifts like barbecue sets and keychains. These unique gifts are perfect for creating special memories on Father’s Day.

Enjoy Affordable Father’s Day Events
At DollarDays, our wholesale Father’s Day gifts are available in bulk. That’s makes them especially well-suited to use at events where you want to honor each and every dad with a gift. Donate some of these gifts to nonprofits so they can distribute them to families in need. Use them for a fundraiser or a church event. These Father’s Day gifts in bulk are also an excellent choice for schools so that all students can take home something nice for their dad. Shop for thoughtful, fun and affordable Father’s Day presents online today at DollarDays.
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Sport Wallets

SKU #2279642 | 144 /case


Men's Leather Bi-fold Wallet

SKU #2272652 | 48 /case


Men's Wallets

SKU #681719 | 144 /case


As Seen on TV Aluminium Wallets

SKU #1895838 | 96 /case


Camo Wallet

SKU #2279629 | 144 /case


$100 Dollar Print Tri-fold Wallet

SKU #2316959 | 72 /case


Card Guard Wallet

SKU #2279630 | 120 /case



Camouflage Wallets - Velcro Closure

SKU #2130746 | 72 /case


Neckties - Assorted Designs

SKU #678628 | 72 /case


Beads with Printed #1 Dad Medallion

SKU #683054 | 360 /case