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Latex and Rubber Gloves for Cleaning
Be sure that you stay clean and safe as you're helping others do the same with a case of wholesale rubber cleaning gloves from DollarDays... . These special multi-use gloves have excellent resistance to water, oils, dirt, germs and other contaminants commonly found in homes or businesses. Wearing them protects your hands during particularly cruddy tasks so you don't need to spend a lot of time cleaning yourself up afterward. Our bulk long rubber gloves are a must for custodians, restaurant kitchen workers, maintenance technicians and others who are often in messes up to their elbows. Many of them are pre-packaged for retail sale as well at cleaning supply stores.

Shop Latex Gloves Wholesale
When you need to stock up on bulk latex gloves, make DollarDays your first stop. Rubber gloves make cleaning safer and more effective from office buildings to hotel rooms. Long-cuff latex gloves come in small, medium and large sizes. The material is thick enough to shield your hands while still along near-full movement to grip sponges, mop handles and buckets. They come in many different colors, too. So if you're tired of the regular yellow wholesale cleaning gloves, consider orange, black, red or pink gloves. Specialty mitts are also available such as chenille cleaning gloves that double as scrubbers for walls, tables and desks.

High-Quality Cleaning Supplies
This selection of rubber and latex wholesale gloves is just part of our cleaning tools inventory that also includes microfiber cloths, brooms, scrubbers and squeegees. They're made by household cleaner brands such as Farberware, Waring, Imusa and GloveEasy that are trusted by the professionals. If you need single-use disposable gloves wholesale for running errands, working in “clean rooms” or handling sensitive items, visit our bulk PPE department. DollarDays ships most orders within 48 hours so you'll have your wholesale rubber gloves in-hand (or on-hand) by the time you need them.
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Yellow Household Latex Gloves

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Disposable Latex Gloves - 10 Count

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Flock-Lined Latex Gloves - Large

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