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Discount Mints & Chewing Gum in Bulk
When you need something to chew on, a big pack of gum or box of mints from DollarDays will do the trick... . These candies are common post-meal chewables for fresh breath and can also help people stay alert during busy tasks. Other benefits can include reduced cravings, better short-term memory and lower anxiety levels — and in the case of bubble gum, hours of fun blowing bubbles. DollarDays has a variety of mints and bulk gum at wholesale prices for reselling by the checkout counter, adding to event gift bags or distributing to those in need. Our small case packs mean that gum-crazy people or families can also order their favorite tasty breath aids.

Something Good to Chew On
From donation drives to impulse buys, our wholesale gum and mints hit the spot. We have chewing gum in many varieties for whenever the mood strikes. Get bulk cases of 5-stick gum travel packs, 15-piece gum packs or individually-wrapped pieces. Wholesale bubble gum is popular among kids with shredded gum, gum bars and “gum tape”. If you prefer a breath freshener that doesn’t wear your jaws out, go with bulk dinner mints. Single-wrap and pillow-pack candy mints are great for restaurants, and we also have travel packs and tins in peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon and other flavors.

Bulk Gum from Brands You Love
At DollarDays, our closeout prices don’t mean settling for generic gum and mints. We stock the biggest names in the industry, including Wrigley’s, Big League Chew, Orbit, Tic Tac and Altoids. If you want a big pack of Extra gum, dozens of rolls of Bubble Tape or the timeless mint tin, make us your first time. Most orders ship within 48 hours, and if you need assistance, a dedicated account manager will provide it. Keep taste buds happy with a complete selection of wholesale gum and candy that’s available in one place.
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Wrigleys Extra Gum - Peppermint

SKU #746145 | 30 /case


Wrigleys Extra Gum - Polar Ice

SKU #746143 | 30 /case



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