Wholesale Hygiene Kits (44 items)

    Wholesale Hygiene Kits

    Shop our large assortment of wholesale hygiene kits, including oral hygiene kits and men's and women's kits... . All toiletry kits are sold in bulk at discount prices. They are wonderful for groups looking to provide hygiene kits for homeless populations and for donating hygiene items to shelters.

    And if you’re looking for help creating custom kits, contact our customer service team today.

    Dental & Hygiene Kits for Homeless People

    These care kits are ideal for nonprofits and charities. Wholesale dental kits are packaged for easy distribution and are perfect for homeless shelters, women’s shelters, day-care centers, and many other places where people need access to personal hygiene products.

    These kits offer homeless people the toiletry necessities required to maintain personal hygiene and oral health in helpful travel-sized collections of goods such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, combs, hand sanitizer, and shampoo.

    Travel Wholesale Hygiene & Dental Kits

    Bulk hygiene kits are a great buy for retailers catering to travelers who are looking for small, compact wholesale dental kits that have everything they need for personal self-care while on the road. Our TSA Compliant travel size wholesale hygiene kits come with premium essential hygiene items packaged in quart-sized bags to aid in easy packing. These include everything anyone will need to keep looking and feeling good while away from home including combs, brushes, razors, soap, deodorant and more.

    Whatever the use, DollarDays offers wholesale hygiene and dental kits at amazingly low prices. Whether you are looking for a dental kit with toothbrushes and toothpaste, or a personal hygiene kit for men with shaving cream and disposable razors, we have a wide variety of bulk care kits from which to choose.
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    As low as $8.75/unit

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    Hygiene Kits - 5 Pieces

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    Unisex Hygiene Kits - 7 Pieces

    SKU #2376177 | 8 /case

    As low as $7.55/unit


    As low as $8.69/unit


    As low as $9.15/unit

    Basic Toiletry Kits - 7 Piece

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    Toiletry Kits - 14 Piece

    SKU #362188 | 20 /case


    Women's Travel Kits - 11 Pieces

    SKU #2376199 | 6 /case

    As low as $8.99/unit

    Adult Hygiene Kits - Preassembled

    SKU #1941303 | 24 /case


    As low as $12.39/unit

    New Low Price
    Hygiene Kits - 15 Pieces

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    Hygiene & Winter Kits - 24 Pieces

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    As low as $9.25/unit

    Hygiene Kits in Backpack - 18 Pieces

    SKU #2362661 | 12 /case


    As low as $8.35/unit