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NEW! Jumbo Permanent Marker

SKU #2291923 | 30 /case



NEW! 8-Pack Colored Markers

SKU #2291913 | 12 /case


NEW! 8-Pack Black Markers

SKU #2291912 | 12 /case


NEW! 3 Pack Large Highlighters

SKU #2291772 | 48 /case


NEW! Fine Line Color Markers

SKU #2291575 | 48 /case


NEW! Sharpie 5Ct Highlighters

SKU #2290142 | 36 /case



NEW! Scented Gummy Bear Highlighter

SKU #2289730 | 24 /case


NEW! Confidential Spy Highlighter

SKU #2289681 | 72 /case


NEW! 8-Count Jumbo Markers

SKU #2289678 | 48 /case



Make the world a brighter place by buying wholesale markers and highlighters in bulk. Buy great name brands like Crayola and CraZyArt or browse a selection of discount wholesale markers and highlighters. Our various colors and count options are perfect for back to school, for arts and crafts, or for backpack season.