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See the world in a whole new way with bulk magnifying glasses from DollarDays... . Our collection of cheap magnifying glass devices will help make sure you don’t miss any details and that you can always see the fine print. Available in various sizes, our magnifiers are perfect for kids, classrooms, camps and more. Plus, with small case sizes, you can order as many or as few magnifying glasses as you need while staying in budget.

Magnifying Glasses for Kids
Help your kids spot hidden objects and to examine things a little more closely with a cheap magnifying glass from DollarDays. Whether you’re a parent or an educator, a magnifying glass is a great tool for helping the special kids in your life learn about the world around them. Our inexpensive basic magnifying lenses are great for classroom use or for Scout troops, camps and other organizations. The one-piece plastic handles and basic round lenses make examining a map or the veins on a leaf easier than ever.

Magnifying Glasses for Adults
Need a little help reading the fine print? DollarDays has you covered with handheld magnifying glasses for adults . Our large magnifying lenses make it easy to read tiny text, to do precision bead or needlework or to examine items up close. Need to read a document that’s printed a little too small? Try one of our magnifying sheets that provide a full page of magnification, perfect for legal offices, sales offices and other business applications.

Give your eyes a boost with a high-quality magnifying glass from DollarDays. From toy lenses to magnifying sheets, we carry the tools you need to read the fine print and check out all the details with ease. Our magnifying products are available in dozens of different styles and in various strengths to get just the right amount of magnification for any purpose. Browse our selection today and order the tools you need to give your eyes a break.
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Credit Card Size Magnify Glass

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Magnifying Glass - Black,​ 3"

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Cob Led Magnify Glass

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Magnifying Glass - 2 Pack

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LED Magnifying Glasses - 2 Pack

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