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    Wholesale Packaging, Mailing and Shipping Supplies
    In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible for nonprofits, charities, schools and small businesses to operate without a well-stocked stash of affordable wholesale packaging supplies... . The fact is, online transactions have revolutionized the way communicate and sell to one another. At DollarDays, we make it our business to cater specifically to those groups in need of money saving supplies that don’t compromise on quality, performance or value. Here you’ll discover name brand packaging and mailing essentials that keep your budget in mind while making your job easier. In our variety, you’ll find an assortment of goods for efficient packaging, mailing and shipping tasks. For mailing packets, folders, catalogs, magazines, paper correspondence and small items, explore our variety of 9- by 12-inch or 10- by 13-inch envelopes. Choose styles with clasps for a bit of extra security. Plastic envelopes and folders also make convenient shipping envelopes for a number of applications requiring a bit of extra protection against weather and other damage in transit. We even have full-featured wholesale mailing supply displays featuring markers, tape, labels, glue sticks, scissors, envelopes, packaging tape, bubble wrap and more so you get exactly what you need to ship anything properly.

    Why Shop with Us?
    We are everything you’re looking for in a supplier of packaging supplies. Wholesale pricing without the constraint of unreasonable minimums means you can stock up on exactly what you need in the quantity you need it. Fast shipping and unbeatable customer service help ensure that you always enjoy a hassle-free transaction when partnering with DollarDays. We’re always adding to our enormous variety of supplies by trusted name brands, so be sure to check back periodically to see what’s new and affordable in our store.
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