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Put pencil to paper with these wholesale deals at DollarDays... . Our collection of bulk pencils includes a wide variety of pencil styles to suit your needs. If you need to acquire large quantities of these essential office and school supplies, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to offerings amazing discounted pencils at a fraction of the retail price, we offer a huge variety of colors, designs and accessories to make sure everyone gets a writing utensil that works for them. Start browsing now to discover hundreds of bulk pencil options for charitable giving or small business needs.

High-Quality Pencils in Bulk
No matter what pencil style you prefer, you’ll find a great fit when you shop at DollarDays. Our wholesale options include products from popular brands, such as bulk Ticonderoga pencils, Bic pencils and Papermate pencils. We have traditional lead pencils that can be sharpened to a fine point along with bulk mechanical pencils. Plain pencils and colorful pencils in bright hues and patterns are available. You’ll also find a variety of wholesale pencil accessories, including pencil grips, pencil toppers and mechanical pencil lead refills. If you don’t have time to browse through multiple pages of pencil products, just use our convenient search filters to narrow down the options by brand, price, pack size or color.

Where to Get Pencils Wholesale
If you’ve been trying to find the best deals on bulk pencils, DollarDays has just what you need. Our affordable prices allow you to get plenty of pencils to donate or distribute through nonprofit or charitable organization. Educators can search for pencils to add to their classroom supplies while sticking to a limited budget. These wholesale pencils and pencil accessories can also be used for stocking a small business supply closet. Shop at DollarDays today to find an impressive selection of pencils at discount prices.
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As low as $0.08/unit


#2 Pencils - 10 Count

SKU #2324260 | 48 /case


#2 Yellow Pencils - Pre-Sharpened

SKU #311480 | 12 /case


As low as $11.08/unit

#2 Pencils - 12 Count,​ Yellow

SKU #92908 | 48 /case











Inspiration Pencils - 8 Messages

SKU #2372825 | 1440 /case


Hairy Animal Pencil Grips - 6 Styles

SKU #2316690 | 576 /case