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Advances in modern medicine are truly amazing... . With every passing year, they seem to come at a faster pace. Beginning with the discovery of antibiotics, prescription pills started to play a bigger part in health care. They continue to do so today. Undoubtedly, the use of pills has saved countless lives and helped people live better.

Although pills have been a boon to mankind and the medical field, they do have some slight drawbacks. They have become so ubiquitous and necessary they have become hard to manage.

Many folks take so many pills on a daily or weekly basis that they have trouble keeping track of what they need to take when. That can be a problem, because many prescription pills must be taken strictly according to doctor’s orders to be effective.

At DollarDays, we are here to the rescue with our big selection of wholesale pill organizers, boxes, containers and accessories. Our bulk pill planners, medicine organizers and other pill-related products make it easy to manage pills.

Popular with individuals, these products can make great items for retail sales online, in stores or at flea markets and swap meets. They are also handy for organizations that serve large groups of senior citizens, such as senior centers, independent- and assisted-living facilities and other places.

If you’ve been wondering about where to buy pill caddies in bulk, wonder no more. Thanks to our low overhead as an Internet business, and because we buy and sell in bulk, we can offer extremely attractive prices on weekly pill organizers.

In addition to weekly pill boxes and medicine boxes, we carry a wide range of other pill-related products. You’ll find pill envelopes here as well as pill crushers, cutters, trays and a variety of other useful products for managing pills and vitamins.
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Compact 7 Day Pill Box

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7 Day Pill Box

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Jumbo Pill Organizer - Clear,​ 9"

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Printed Pill Envelopes - 1000 Count

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Pill Organizer

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Pill Boxes

SKU #678594 | 96 /case