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Shop a wide selection of pocket folders in bulk, in an assortment of different colors and materials... . There are also multiple pocket options - the more common 2 pocket poly folder design, but also 3 and 4 pockets as well. Peruse our folders and you'll see familiar brands made right here in the U.S. You can count on the quality, so why would you pay more somewhere else? Get variety and great savings by buying wholesale today.

Whether in school, business or everyday life, good organization is a key to success. But just because you want to be organized and successful, doesn’t mean you have to pay ridiculously high prices. When you shop the wholesale folders and portfolios available online at DollarDays, you’ll find yourself on the road to success at a price that's right for you.

Get Pocket Folders in Bulk For School, Work and Home

Pocket school folders are ideal for students and teachers in schools and classrooms, as they provide room to hold loose study sheets and pockets for notepads and such. You can opt for one with prong fasteners to organize 3 hole punch papers, too. Folders are also essential for keeping records, data and other information organized and accessible at small businesses. In addition, file folders have 1,001 uses around the home, from keeping tax records and receipts to organizing important documents or just collecting favorite recipes or cherished memories.

Our folder collection includes 2-pocket folders as well as other versions, including 3-pocket and 4-pocket folders. For everyday use, it’s hard to beat 2-pocket letter-size folders. Bulk 3- or 4-pocket options offer additional space for safely separating and stashing important papers to carry you through your busy life. We also have folders with fasteners so you can secure your documents, and portfolios with high sheet capacity so you can secure your documents, and portfolios with high sheet capacity so you can keep everything you need in one place.

Shop Portfolios in a Variety of Materials and Colors

You’ll find a variety of styles and materials here. Our paper folders are environmentally friendly and look great. For added durability and weather resistance, consider our plastic folders. You can even wipe off some of these plastic folders, meaning you don’t have to worry about coffee spills and other stains that can mar folders and take away from their neat, professional and organized look.

Speaking of professionals, we have pocket presentation folders perfect for business or academic pursuits. We have basic matte twin pocket folders in colors like black, white, and grey that are appropriate practically anywhere.

If you’re looking for something a bit livelier, we also have vividly colored pocket portfolios in pink, orange, teal, and a rainbow of other colors. You can also find lots of cool designs here kids and young students will love, inspiring them to do their best in school.

Shop DollarDays today to find the best deals on bulk folders for your school or business needs today.
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BigBox Pocket Folders - 144 Count

SKU #2363985 | 144 /case

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2 Pocket Folders - Assorted Colors

SKU #1192965 | 100 /case



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Promarx 2 Pocket Portfolio

SKU #2324660 | 48 /case



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As low as $0.87/unit




As low as $0.54/unit