Sponges & Scrubbers (21 items)

Wholesale Sponge & Scrubber Packs
Stay clean at your business, school or community center with bulk sponges and scrubbing supplies that remove even the toughest grime... . Getting rid of dirt and germs is always important to help others stay healthy. These wholesale scrubbers are a must-have for everyone — and DollarDays is here to make sure everyone has them. We proudly work with nonprofits who distribute cleaning supplies to needy families, schools who need to stock their janitorial staff, retailers who want to carry the latest cleaning tools and many others. Add in our wholesale cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid and glass cleaners to wipe dust, dirt, old food and more away in a flash.

Clean Up Fast with Discount Pricing
Whether you need to clean dishes, floors, furniture or toilets, we’ll help them look like new. Classic foam wholesale sponges and scouring pads should be kept by every sink. From the tried-and-true dish sponge and nylon scrubber to auto sponges, pot scourers, metal scouring scrubbers and cellulose cloths, there’s a way to get the gunk away. They come in many sizes as well so you can get jumbo sponges, small sponges or cleaning pads. Our selection of bulk scrub brushes are another powerful cleaning tool. Long-handle brushes or hand scrubbers take off unwanted grime without marring hard surfaces. Some scrubbers even have built-in soap dispensers to speed up the cleaning process.

Premium Cleaning Supplies
DollarDays delivers good from the leading cleaning brands in the U.S., including Spic and Span, Bonita Home, Chef Craft and Mr. Clean. By keeping case packs small, our customers can personalize their orders while enjoying big savings no matter how many sponges and scrubbers they buy. Everything is better when it’s clean, so call or email us Monday-Friday to get started. A dedicated account manager will assist you so every order exceeds expectations.
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