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Soft, warm and cuddly, teddy bears and other stuffed toys offer the next best thing to having a pet... . In a way they are even better. Always sympathetic and consoling, just like their real-life counterparts, stuffed animals need no feeding, watering or walking.

These toys make great gifts for nonprofits and charities. They are popular in women’s shelters, day-care facilities and schools, where kids can have lots of fun with them.

In addition, kids in homes all around the world love having their own teddy bear or stuffed animal. Although named for the 26th president of the United States, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, these plush animals have universal appeal. They are great for businesses, charities and nonprofits.

If you are looking for the best selection and savings, look no further than the outstanding collection of wholesale teddy bears and stuffed animal toys available at DollarDays. Because we buy our stuffed animals and teddy bears in bulk, we can share the savings with you.

When you shop our selection of teddy bears, bulk pricing is just one advantage. Our bulk teddy bears and stuffed animal toys rival nature in their diversity. You will find tiny bears and stuffed animals here perfect for toddlers. We also have great big bears and other toy beasts kids will love riding on, wrestling with or using as pillows. Our teddy bear plush and polyester material provides a winning combination of softness and durability.

In addition to our teddy bears, wholesale prices are available for a veritable menagerie of beautiful beasts. The famous phrase in the Wizard of Oz sums it up nicely: “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”
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