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USA Made
Odor Absorbing Crystal

Odor Absorbing Crystal

SKU #787393
Refrigerator Fresh Odor Absorber
This amazing all natural crystal absorbs odors better and lasts longer then baking soda. Independently tested for efficacy and value by numerous organizations-- Member tested by National Health and Wellness, Cooking Club of America, and Creative Home Arts, all received the highest grades for Refrigerator Fresh from their members. Refrigerator Fresh is a superior product; compact and space saving, non-toxic and spill proof and removes odors for a minimum of six months. Perfect air freshener product for the fridge or freezer. Can also be used in bathrooms, closets, pet areas, cars, boats garbage and diaper pail, gym lockers and sport bags!
Brand: Refrigerator Fresh See more…
UPC: 732168423468
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1 case (6 units) $3.88 $23.28
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