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Make your next outdoor adventure one to remember with the help of this wholesale camping equipment from DollarDays... . Our selection of outdoor essentials includes a variety of cheap camping gear available to purchase in bulk. You can get plenty of must-haves to make an experience in the great wide open as comfortable and as fun as possible, including sleeping bags, backpacks, tents and more. Check out the complete collection of discounted camping gear at DollarDays to discover great deals and get ideas for ways to distribute these products to help others.

Quality Camping Gear
Cheap prices are typically quite hard to find when you’re shopping for camping gear. Unless you’re willing to borrow someone else’s equipment or buy used and worn-out items, outdoor essentials like these usually cost a pretty penny. But at DollarDays, we’ve made wholesale camping gear available to anyone. And unlike other wholesale retailers, you don’t have to buy massive amounts of gear in order to get the bulk pricing. In fact, the vast majority of our bulk camping equipment comes in cases featuring 20 units or less, which makes it much easier to get exactly what you need without a lot of leftover products. And because our sleeping bags, flashlights, ponchos, hiking packs, tents and other camping essentials are all quality products, you’ll get deep discounts on gear that’s designed to last.

Outdoor Gear for Those in Need
There are lots of people who could benefit from this selection of wholesale camping gear. Discount products in bulk can be purchased to donate to those in need, particularly those who are homeless or currently living in shelters. For educational purposes, outdoor equipment could be donated to a school or summer camp to help give kids the opportunity to experience the great outdoors. Small businesses can also take advantage of our bulk pricing to stock their shelves with quality camping products. Shop at DollarDays to discover the best selection of high-quality, discounted camping gear in bulk.
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COB LED Promo Flashlight

SKU #2125464 | 20 /case


New Low Price


All-Weather Waterproof Poncho

SKU #704158 | 50 /case


2 Person Tent - Assorted Colors

SKU #2360049 | 10 /case


Made in USA
Mini Hand Warmer - 2 Packets

SKU #915540 | 40 /case




New Low Price
Sleeping Bags - Olive Green Only

SKU #2362671 | 20 /case






COB LED Railroad Lantern

SKU #2279440 | 6 /case




6-Person Extra Large Tent

SKU #2360149 | 1-unit case


New Low Price
Sleeping Bags - Black Only

SKU #2362669 | 20 /case


COB LED Head Lamp

SKU #1980937 | 18 /case



Camo - COB LED Flashlight

SKU #1980927 | 15 /case


COB LED Night Lights w/​Switch

SKU #1980929 | 18 /case


As low as $13.08/unit


Heavy-duty 11" Jumbo Tent Stake

SKU #2325010 | 24 /case


Glow In The Dark Tent Stake

SKU #2128633 | 30 /case


Bunk House 4-Person Tent - Blue & White

SKU #2360150 | 1-unit case


Closeout LED Head Lamp Long Shots

SKU #2273269 | 48 /case



4 Person Tent - Green Only

SKU #2360050 | 10 /case


New Low Price
Sleeping Bags - Red Only

SKU #2362672 | 20 /case



Extendable Camping Fork

SKU #2128804 | 24 /case


COB LED Flashlight

SKU #1980926 | 15 /case


Maxam Digital Camo Sleeping Bag

SKU #1225104 | 10 /case