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No matter what they wear, rambunctious lads tend to take a toll on the clothing they wear... . Sports, active play and roughhousing are just a few of the rigors boys subject their clothes to. That can mean not only frequent washings but replacements if the clothing isn’t sufficiently sturdy.

In addition, boys sprout up fast, quickly outgrowing even perfectly good clothes. Between constant wear and tear and growth spurts, clothing bills can really start to add up. It can be costly to clothe just one boy. But the costs can really accelerate if you have a passel of active kids to clothe.

DollarDays is here to offer a smart solution. Because we buy our wholesale children’s clothing in bulk, we can pass our savings along to you when you buy children's clothing in case lots.

These products offer a great way for nonprofits like day-care centers, schools and camps to stay on budget. Because boys go through clothes so fast, they also afford wonderful profit opportunities for retail sales, from bricks-and-mortar stores to flea markets and online sales.

You’ll enjoy one-stop shopping when you shop online here. We have boys’ wholesale clothing fit for every kind of kid and all kinds of activities.

When you browse our wholesale children’s clothing in bulk, options include basics like boys’ briefs, boxers and undershirts. We have activewear like track suits, sweatshirts and hoodies that will stand up to plenty of punishment while keeping kids warm and comfortable. Our swimwear is great for cooling off during the summer, while our boys’ jackets and outerwear will keep kids toasty warm during the most frigid winter days and nights.

You’ll find a variety of T-shirts, polo shirts and tops here perfect for casual wear as well as matching pants. If you need to dress up boys a bit, we also carry more formal trousers and shirts. We even have boys’ bow ties.
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