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Wholesale Girl’s Clothing
Find fabulous fashions at wholesale prices at DollarDays... . We carry a large selection of wholesale girls and kid’s clothing items to choose from in the styles and brands you love. Stock your store with high-quality girl’s fashions or pick up a case of wholesale tops for a team, fundraiser or special organization. Shop our selection of quality little and big girl clothing, including swimwear, jackets, girl’s tops, girl’s underwear, fleece, bottoms and more.

Trendy or Traditional
Go trendy or keep it traditional when you shop at DollarDays. We carry a little bit of everything so it’s easy for boutiques, department stores, nonprofits and retailers to stock up on the styles they love. Order a case of flat-front pants for school uniforms in navy or khaki or pick out a case of assorted winter leggings in colorful patterns and prints. At DollarDays we make it easy to go trendy or traditional with just the click of a mouse so you can easily find the right wholesale girl’s clothing for your group or your store.

Small Case Sizes
Worried about getting stuck with too much stock? Don’t be. At DollarDays, we offer small case sizes so you can order only what you need. Our small case sizes are great for nonprofits or small businesses that want to order a large selection of products, but only need small quantities of each type. Stretch your budget a little further and enjoy more fashions by shopping at DollarDays.

Need more than just a small case? No problem. At DollarDays we package our wholesale clothing into small cases, but since there are no order limits you can order as much as you need. Enjoy low prices on a small case or an entire truckload of your favorite girl’s fashions.
Visit DollarDays today to find trendy girl’s fashions for less. Order in bulk for the best value and be a trendsetter in your community. We offer an unbeatable value on all of our girl’s clothing and if you need help, our customer service team is always willing to assist in placing orders for wholesale girl’s clothing, answering questions about specific products or locating particular designs.
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Irregular Youth Gildan T-Shirt

SKU #2134530 | 36 /case


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As low as $6.73/unit

Girls Print Underwear,​ 5 Pack

SKU #2342396 | 64 /case


Assorted Girls Windbreaker

SKU #2366975 | 36 /case



Girl's Basic V-Neck Jumper

SKU #2272235 | 24 /case


Seamless 4 Piece Layering Set

SKU #2329286 | 24 /case

As low as $4.00/unit


Girls Playground Shorts

SKU #2342410 | 24 /case


Little Diva Panties - 5 Pack

SKU #2359616 | 48 /case



Children's V-Neck Cardigan Sweater

SKU #2272230 | 24 /case


Girls Cotton Tanks 3 Pack

SKU #2342426 | 24 /case


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Girl's Underwear - 5-Pack

SKU #2368481 | 24 /case

As low as $6.73/unit

Girls' Basic Scooter

SKU #2272241 | 24 /case


Irregular Youth Short Sleeves Tees

SKU #2327585 | 12 /case


Girl's Winter Jackets

SKU #2366969 | 24 /case


Girl's Cartoon Print Briefs

SKU #2303736 | 120 /case




Girls Crewneck Undershirts 3 Pack

SKU #2342420 | 24 /case





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Gildan Irregular Youth T-Shirt

SKU #2316829 | 24 /case



Girls' Sherpa Lined Jackets

SKU #2366770 | 24 /case


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As low as $2.83/unit


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As low as $2.28/unit