Halloween (252 items)

Embrace the spooky spirit of the holiday with this selectin of wholesale Halloween décor and costumes from DollarDays... . With low prices like these, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a fun and festive event that combines the fun of dressing up with a delightfully eerie atmosphere. Choose from a variety of costume accessories available in bulk or get plenty of themed decorations for throwing a big Halloween bash. Thanks to our wholesale prices, your Halloween celebration will be especially affordable this year.

Find Fun Ways to Dress Up
Can’t wait to get into character this Halloween? You’ll have plenty of options for dressing up when you shop online at DollarDays. Our collection includes a huge variety of amazing costume accessories from which to choose, including everything from cowboy hats and tiaras to jewelry and wigs. You could be a fairy, a pirate, a ballerina or a superhero (to name a few) when you get affordable costume accessories in bulk. And since you’ll be buying multiple units, why not plan a group costume with some of your closest friends or family members? These affordable accessories can also work for other costume events throughout the year.

Save on Bulk Halloween Products
Another way DollarDays can help with your Halloween celebration is with a variety of accents to use when decorating for a party or event. We offer a huge selection of Halloween decorations wholesale, which means you get deep discounts on cool and unique accessories to add a spooky yet fun vibe to any space. Familiar symbols like skeletons, bats, witches and pumpkins can be found on décor and tableware, both of which are great for nonprofit fundraisers. Schools can hand out treat bags, toys, games and favors for kids to enjoy. Whether you’re planning your own party or you’re donating affordable Halloween items to a good cause, you’ll find the best deals when you shop at DollarDays.
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Plastic Gift Bags - Small

SKU #1905389 | 120 /case


Multi Color Dragon Tail Hat

SKU #1776536 | 9 /case


Made in USA


Glow In The Dark Skeleton Gloves

SKU #1980843 | 48 /case


Closeout Adult Cowboy Hat - Black

SKU #2269055 | 10 /case


200 Plus Glow Sticks

SKU #1859400 | 12 /case

As low as $7.56/unit

Assorted Animal Noses

SKU #1903843 | 48 /case



Mardi Gras Masks - Assorted

SKU #530344 | 12 /case


Color Bucket - Yellow

SKU #1905381 | 44 /case


Mini Metal Buckets

SKU #1903580 | 84 /case


Sparkling Rainbow Batons

SKU #1903614 | 36 /case


White Plastic Gift Bags - Medium

SKU #1905390 | 96 /case


White Sailor Hat

SKU #1776495 | 26 /case


Ultimate Glow Sticks

SKU #1454167 | 24 /case

As low as $4.36/unit


Winter Cellophane Bags - 120 Count

SKU #1905547 | 1440 /case


Adult Knight Helmet

SKU #1776502 | 12 /case


Rainbow Clown Wig - One Size

SKU #1907007 | 36 /case



Halloween Bounce Balls 27mm

SKU #2303062 | 320 /case


Jointed Skeleton Cutout - 43.​5"

SKU #2318450 | 72 /case



Cow Ear Headbands - 144 Count

SKU #1939038 | 144 /case


Phantom Mask

SKU #1939208 | 1200 /case


Closeout Pirate Cutlass

SKU #2269249 | 17 /case


Satin Sleek Top Hat

SKU #544777 | 6 /case


Folding Hand Fan - Assorted Colors

SKU #2351417 | 48 /case



Closeout Popping Eye Jack O Lanterns

SKU #2269270 | 84 /case



Barndance Hat

SKU #1904407 | 18 /case


Satin Sash - Assorted Colors,​ 33"

SKU #1907970 | 120 /case



Novelty Suspenders

SKU #2318840 | 24 /case


Closeout Pirate Sword Set

SKU #2269257 | 24 /case


Light Up Pumpkin Pail

SKU #2303075 | 14 /case


Fabric Cape

SKU #2181392 | 120 /case


Satin Sash - White,​ 33" x 4"

SKU #1906994 | 120 /case


Propeller Beanies

SKU #544708 | 12 /case


Black Feather Boa

SKU #1905145 | 12 /case


Adult Neon Tutus

SKU #1904052 | 16 /case


Toy Roman Sword

SKU #1905100 | 15 /case