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Get your front yard, backyard and patio ready for your next party or family get-together with wholesale garden supplies from DollarDays... . Our selection of affordable barbecuing tools, decorative lawn accents and discount garden supplies will help you make the most of your home’s outdoor spaces. In addition, these products can give a boost to your home’s curb appeal and provide some fun projects for the whole family to enjoy. Get your green thumb on and enjoy a lovely day out in the sun by choosing from which selection of lawn and gardening wholesale supplies.

Lush Lawns and Practical Patios
If you’re looking to make your garden grow, you’ve come to the right place. DollarDays offers an excellent selection of lawn and gardening supplies wholesale, allowing you to get all the tools you need without breaking your budget. From gardening gloves and tools to flower pots and watering accessories, you’ll find it all in one place when you shop on our site. We also want to make sure your patio or deck is a fun place to hang out, which is why you’ll find beautiful pots, planters and other outdoor décor to make it as inviting as possible. Don’t forget about the BBQ accessories, either. We have discount portable grills, tools sets, skewers, brushes and all the other must-haves for grilling up delicious dishes and sides outdoors.

Save on Outdoor Accessories
Our wholesale prices make it possible to get your lawn and garden looking better than ever without having to spend a fortune. Rather than paying for expensive tools or professional landscaping services, you can get some DIY products from this wholesale garden supplier and create a stunning exterior for your home all on your own. Our low prices also make it possible for non-profits, charities, schools and other groups and organizations to get all the outdoor tools and accessories they need to spruce up lawns and gardens. These items can also be stocked on small business shelves to provide helpful products for customers. Find all the outdoor supplies you need when you shop for bulk garden supplies and grilling accessories at DollarDays.
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Gardening Tool Sets - 3 Pieces

SKU #2363675 | 72 /case


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NEW! Gardening Bucket

SKU #2368507 | 12 /case


Planter Med 3 Shapes in Display

SKU #1078093 | 84 /case


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Gardening Tin Buckets - 4.​25"

SKU #2352932 | 96 /case


Closeout 8" Pruning Shears

SKU #1982917 | 60 /case


7" Flower Planter - Orange

SKU #2358264 | 48 /case


American USA Flag

SKU #2356076 | 72 /case



Rain Gauge

SKU #2182312 | 24 /case



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Large Plastic Planters - 11.​5"

SKU #2334194 | 24 /case



As low as $14.08/unit

White Mesh Food Tent - 12" x 12"

SKU #2283117 | 144 /case

As low as $1.64/unit

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Silicone Basting Brush - 14"

SKU #2283067 | 144 /case

As low as $1.41/unit

8" Flower Planter - Orange

SKU #2358265 | 48 /case


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Steel BBQ Spatulas - 14.​6"

SKU #2326985 | 72 /case



Bamboo Barbeque Skewers - 12"

SKU #2283051 | 72 /case

As low as $1.61/unit

BBQ Mitt - Black,​ 16.​5"

SKU #2283072 | 72 /case

As low as $3.98/unit

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NEW! Gardening Hat

SKU #2368508 | 12 /case


Barbecue Camp Fork

SKU #1850914 | 36 /case


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As low as $4.38/unit


Bamboo Barbeque Skewers - 10"

SKU #2283035 | 144 /case

As low as $1.10/unit

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Plant Clips - 20 Piece

SKU #2334178 | 96 /case


Thermometer With Hygrometer

SKU #2182326 | 36 /case


Jumbo Wall Thermometer

SKU #2319032 | 72 /case



Garden Windmill Stake

SKU #2275063 | 36 /case


Chrome Plated Barbeque Tongs

SKU #983281 | 72 /case


As low as $0.86/unit

As low as $1.67/unit

Bar B Q Brush

SKU #678850 | 72 /case


As low as $2.42/unit

As low as $2.71/unit

Plastic Hose Nozzles - 2 Colors

SKU #2324476 | 144 /case