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Make sure important items stay safe with the help of these wholesale locks and chains from DollarDays... . We offer these tough and durable locks in bulk to ensure that you can save money when you need to secure belongings or supplies. Choose from a variety of options, including padlocks, combo locks, bicycle locks and more. Browse through the full collection today to discover the ideal fit for your needs and your budget.

Keep It Locked Up and Safe
What do you need to lock up to make sure special items stay safe? Perhaps it’s a storage container with your belongings or a locker at the local gym. Maybe you need a sturdy lock for your bicycle so you can safely park it on sidewalks around town. Supply closets often need locks so that only approved personnel can access what’s inside. In each of these cases, you’ll want a strong, sturdy lock that’s sure to provide the level of security you need. These locks can be applied for personal use or you can even donate them to a worthy cause. For example, many schools and hospitals need to use locks to securely store items and ensure the safety of students and patients. Distributing these affordable locks can be a great way to help various programs and organizations provide essential services.

Buy Locks in Bulk to Save
Instead of getting poorly made, cheap locks in order to spend less, buy high-quality locks and chains in bulk from DollarDays. You’ll still get the savings you want without having to sacrifice when it comes to safety and security. Our case pack sizes vary, which means that you can purchase a lower number of locks for a smaller project while still getting the savings you need. If you’re in need of simple yet reliable security items like these locks and chains, be sure to shop at DollarDays to get wholesale prices on bulk orders.
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Iron Packlocks with Keys

SKU #2125515 | 72 /case


Small Brass Padlocks

SKU #1934795 | 36 /case



Brass Pad Locks - Rustproof,​ 2"

SKU #2316299 | 48 /case


Iron Padlocks - 50mm,​ 2 Keys

SKU #431527 | 72 /case



Laminated Pad Locks - 1.​5"

SKU #2316334 | 24 /case






Mini Padlocks - Brass,​ 2 Pack

SKU #428930 | 72 /case


Brass Padlocks - 2 Pack,​ 20 Mm

SKU #2316170 | 48 /case