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Wholesale Tools and Hardware
Power through projects with ease with wholesale tools and hardware from DollarDays... . From appliance repair parts to wholesale padlocks, DollarDays is the one-stop shop for everything needed to get the job done and to get it done right. From affordable tools and hardware for personal projects to large resale packs to stock store shelves, DollarDays has everything needed to tackle virtually any project. Take on DIY projects with ease or order parts for a large commercial undertaking and take advantage of bulk pricing at DollarDays.

Weekend Warriors
For DIYers and weekend warriors, nobody offers a better selection and better pricing on the tools and hardware needed to get the job done than DollarDays. Order a case of Heavy-Duty Working Gloves to tackle a field cleanup or pick up a case of tarps for covering and protecting equipment, materials and workspaces. At DollarDays, we carry everything a weekend warrior could need and our small case sizes mean it’s easy to stock up for less.

One of the most common weekend projects is painting and at DollarDays, we have everything needed to get clean, straight lines and zero mess. Put down a tarp to catch paint splatters and order a case of painter’s tape with 48 rolls of damage-free protection.

Commercial Orders
Come in on time and under budget on commercial projects by shopping at DollarDays for tools and hardware. Commercial customers can take advantage of bulk busy to stock up on painting supplies, gloves, locks, dust masks and more. Our bulk tools and hardware ship quickly and with so many name brand products to choose from, it’s easy to find familiar styles and designs.

For the best deals on wholesale tools and hardware, visit DollarDays. Find an assortment of high-quality tools, hardware and accessories that are perfect for DIYers, commercial users and even small retailers. From padlocks to corner hardware, DollarDays is here to deliver the high-quality hardware and tools you need in bulk quantities. Browse our selection today to find top wholesale tool and hardware deals.
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Poly Blue Tarps - 6' X 8'

SKU #2360566 | 50 /case


Standard Duty Blue Tarps - 8' x 10'

SKU #2360567 | 25 /case




Precision Screwdrivers

SKU #2303204 | 24 /case


LED Ultra Bright Flashlight

SKU #2128590 | 15 /case


500 g String Knit Gloves

SKU #573034 | 300 /case


9 LED flashlight

SKU #703040 | 96 /case


12 oz Claw Hammer - 11"

SKU #2337049 | 48 /case


Mini Pop-up Cob LED Lantern

SKU #2279473 | 15 /case



Tape Measure Key chains

SKU #1777871 | 60 /case


Padlock with Extra Keys

SKU #2125515 | 72 /case


Heavy Duty Duct Tape

SKU #2316142 | 48 /case


500 Lumen H/​D Cob LED Work light

SKU #2324980 | 6 /case



6 in 1 Cushion Grip Screwdriver

SKU #2291910 | 12 /case




Mitaki-Japan LED Dimmable Lantern

SKU #703987 | 60 /case


33 Piece Security Bit Set

SKU #2279377 | 12 /case


8 x 10' All Purpose Blue Tarp

SKU #704899 | 5 /case


30 + 1 Mini Screwdriver With Bits

SKU #2182225 | 18 /case


Hobby Knife Set

SKU #2291881 | 24 /case


3 1/2" Pocket Knife Black

SKU #2279371 | 48 /case


Duct Tape - 1.​89" x 10 yards

SKU #288897 | 54 /case


As low as $2.81/unit



Precision Screw Driver Set

SKU #701001 | 72 /case


Maxam 20' x 20' All-Purpose Tarp

SKU #704903 | 5 /case


Super Bright COB LED

SKU #2279501 | 12 /case


Deep Well Paint Tray - 9" Wide

SKU #2316316 | 48 /case



LED-Smd Headlight Beanie Hat

SKU #2324957 | 24 /case


Large Carabiner Keychain

SKU #2279466 | 48 /case


Brass Padlock Small

SKU #1934795 | 36 /case




Brass Padlocks - 2 Pack,​ 20 Mm

SKU #2316170 | 48 /case



LED Head Light/​Lamp

SKU #1795036 | 48 /case