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Low Prices on Bulk School Supplies
Here at DollarDays, we firmly believe that no child should be left behind... . Every kid deserves an equal chance at succeeding and thriving in our society. One of the keys to success for children is getting a good education. Lots of factors figure into becoming a straight-A student, and having the right school supplies is certainly one of them.

That’s why we offer an outstanding selection of bulk school supply kits. These prepackaged kits give students all the basic tools they need throughout the school year. Our low overhead and large quantity purchases allow us to pass on substantial savings to our customers.
High-Quality Kits at Low Prices
Although they offer significant savings, our school supplies packages provide all the essentials including pencils, pencil sharpeners, scissors, erasers, glue sticks, highlighters, 2-pocket folders, and more. Our packages come in different sizes and product assortments ranging from small kits that only include the essentials to large kits and even back-to-school pallets loaded with enough supplies to outfit an entire classroom. Find them by specific age groups, from elementary to high school supply kits.

Browse our selection and find many options for back-to-school drives, donations, and nonprofit gifting.
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As low as $11.50/unit


As low as $9.67/unit


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Back To School Kit - 66 Piece Set

SKU #2359449 | 20 /case


As low as $11.50/unit

School Supply Kits - 50 Pieces

SKU #2366473 | 24 /case


School Supply Packs - 12 Pieces

SKU #2355523 | 48 /case



School Supply Kits - 34 Piece

SKU #2366458 | 24 /case


As low as $3.70/unit







As low as $11.50/unit


School Supply Kit - 30 Pieces

SKU #2355524 | 12 /case

As low as $9.60/unit

As low as $14.73/unit

School Supply Kit - 20 Pieces

SKU #2355522 | 24 /case

As low as $7.10/unit