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Pre-Filled School Supply Kit

SKU #2275315 | 48 /case

$3.07 - $3.28/unit




Back to School Pencil & Crayon Kit

SKU #684968 | 48 /case


Back-to-School Pre-Filled Kit

SKU #684967 | 48 /case



NEW! 11-Piece School Stationery Set

SKU #2291017 | 48 /case


Basic Teachers Kit

SKU #2289128 | 20 /case


$6.99 - $7.50/unit

$7.31 - $7.85/unit

$7.25 - $7.76/unit

Back-to-School Pre-Filled Kit

SKU #2275642 | 48 /case

$2.72 - $2.93/unit

$2.98 - $3.19/unit

Pre-Filled Pencil Pouch Kit - (18pc)

SKU #2191435 | 24 /case


School is always in session somewhere and we have all of your pre-filled school kits, perfect for kids of all ages. Choose from variations of pre-filled options with pencils, pens, colored, pencils, crayons, rulers, and pencil bags or bundle the school kit with the perfect backpack. School kits conveniently have most everything kids need for preschool, elementary and grade school learning. Our pre-filled kits are great for back to school drives, nonprofits, churches or teachers wanting to stock their classrooms. Shopping for school supplies has never been so easy!