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A Future Beyond (A.F.B) is an innovative, non-profit organization whose mission is to cultivate and develop a measureable change in every student. A.F.B. guides and motivates youth to achieve academic success, become responsible citizens, and give back to their communities. The long term goal of A Future Beyond is to enhance student’s life skills, academic aptitude, and employability. A.F.B provides ground-breaking educational enrichment through the innovative Writing, Arithmetic, and Reading (W.A.R) program, workshops, and multicultural experiences. A Future Beyond takes an active role in cultivating and developing the gifts of tomorrow’s leaders.
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Kids M&M Dry Erase Goal Chart with Marker
SKU: 680341
Casepack: 72 pcs
Case Price: $43.20
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Certificates of Award 8-1/2 x 11 30/Pack
SKU: 443276
Casepack: 5 pcs
Case Price: $27.75
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Middle/High School Supply Kit
SKU: 993054
Casepack: 14 pcs
Case Price: $153.30
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