Toslink 5.0mm Optical Audio Cable: 3 ft

Toslink 5.0mm Optical Audio Cable: 3 ft

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3FT Optical Toslink 5.0mm Cable

Optical Digital Interface Cable provides superior accuracy for signal trasfer of digital information from component to component. This cable is an excellent complement to your component entertainment system. Better definition and true clarity. It is specifically engineered for a digital signal data transfer. For highest quality signal transfer in digital components using Toslink optical to Toslink optical connections. The optical signal offers more digital information at higher speed and only a cable manufactured with glass fiber will provide this extra data. Because the information is converted into light impulses that are sent over the fiber optic cable, the signal is immune from RF or magnetic interference. Fiber optic Toslink connections are used on high-end stereo equipment and often seen on MiniDisc players and recorders.

What is Toslink?

TOSLINK is a standardized optical fiber connection system. It's most common use is in consumer audio equipment (via a "digital optical" socket), where it carries a digital audio stream between components such as HDTV Cable/Satellite receivers, MiniDisc, newer DVD/CD players and more.

Can be used for high quality signals found in: Dolby Digital Receiver, Digital Signal Processor, DAT Machines,CD, DVD players, VCD, LD, DTS and Dolby Digital Audio Receivers, MD, Digital Audio PC, Divx Player, DAC, Digital Satellite, Digital Receivers, DSS receiver, DAT player/recorder, MINI Disc player/recorder, Sony Playstation 2, XBox, ALESIS, or any components that use normal full-size.
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