Levenhuk D70L Digital Biological Microscope

Levenhuk D70L Digital Biological Microscope

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Levenhuk D70L Digital Biological Microscope
Digital microscope with large color display and connectivity to PC

This microscope can be used for studying both transparent and opaque objects in transmitted light using the brightfield method. It is ideal for biological researches or teaching demonstrations - it's very convenient to study samples in a group of students, they can see it on the LCD display in a real time.

This educational microscope has revolving head, focusing arm, 3 objectives, stage with specimen holder.

In the kit:
3 objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x
Coordinate moving stage with clips
Retractable LCD display, memory card slot
WF10x eyepiece
Eyepiece adapter
128 Mb microSD memory card
- USB cable
Disc diaphragm with 5 color filters
- Built-in upper and lower LED illuminations
- User Guide
Brine shrimp hatchery
Flasks with yeast, pitch for making specimens, sea salt, brine shrimp
5 prepared specimens
5 blank slides

Magnification, x: 40, 100, 400
Digital zoom: up to 1600x
Objectives magnification: 4x, 10x, 40x
Stage dimensions, in: 3.54x3.74
Stage moving range, using focusing mechanism, in: 0 - 0.4
Power supply: 110V/5V, 50 Hz AC (adapter)
Illumination (upper and lower): LED
Display, in: 3.6
Matrix: 2 megapixels
Video: yes

    This model integrates two light sources which provide sufficient illumination even while working in a dark room. Using Led illumination allows you to reduce energy consumption. You can use both lights at the same time or only one of them, so you can choose the best lighting conditions for each sample. Moreover, Levenhuk D70L Digital Microscope has revolving head, focusing arm, 3 6.3-in objectives and stage with specimen holder and metal construction.

    Levenhuk D70L Digital Biological Microscope kit includes:
    - Stand with focusing arm
    - Base with build-in illumination
    - Bracket with stage
    - Revolving head
    - 3 objectives: 4x, 10x and 40x
    - LCD display, memory card slot
    - Diaphragm disk
    - Illumination lens upper/lower

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