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Mission Rosary

Mission Rosary

SKU #260732
Mission Rosary

The purpose of the Mission Rosary is to pray for world peace and conversion through Catholic missionary efforts around the world. Each color of the rosary represents a different part of the world united in Christ: Green for the forest and grasslands of Africa. Blue for the ocean surrounding the Islands of the Pacific. White symbolizing Europe the seat of the Holy Father Shepherd of the world. Red calling to mind the fire of faith that brought missionaries to the Americas. Yellow the morning light of the East for Asia. -- Each is durably crafted for many years of use. Their value price allows them to be perfect giveaways or used as fundraisers in support of missionary efforts in all parts of the world.

  • Material: Moulded 7 mm Oval Bead
  • Pieces/Pkg: 12
  • Size: 19" L 1 1/4" Crucifix
Case(s) Unit Price per case
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1 case (12 units) $2.49 $29.88
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