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ScatMat Sofa 60" x 12" Retail

ScatMat Sofa 60" x 12" Retail

SKU #785787
ScatMat Sofa 60" x 12" Retail - Safely, effectively, and harmlessly teaches your pets to stay away from areas you want to protect. - Help your dog or cat learn good house manners-use the ScatMat automatic indoor pet training mat to keep them off furniture, counters, and out of off-limit areas and rooms. Simply place the ScatMat in any area you want your pet to avoid, and switch it on. The ScatMat responds to your pet's touch with a mild, harmless 3-second static pulse. Pets soon learn which areas to keep away from. With three intensity levels, ScatMat is suitable for any sized cat or dog. This highly effective consumer favorite requires a 9v battery (not included). This mat is "sofa sized" measuring 12 x 60 inches. Works with dogs and cats of all sizes.

  • Quickly discourages pets from developing bad habits
  • 3 easy-to-set intensity levels
  • Safe, low-voltage battery operated system can be used anywhere
  • For indoor use only
  • 9-volt battery required (not included); lasts up to 6 months
  • Brand: PetSafe See more…
    UPC: 059463002830
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