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New Life Community Development Corporation


We envision reaching a multicultural and mulit-ethnic people, city, and unreached territory through effective strategies, leadership and training. The New Life Community Development is a means of reaching out to less fortunate children in Prince William County and surrounding counties.
  • To operate charitable community development program in the County of Prince William, Virginia area and beyond.
  • To it enhance the quality of life in the community through various outreach and community development programs as is necessary to accomplish its expanding mission.
  • To encourage, promote and support worthy community-based causes as determined by the Board of Directors of this Corporation.
  • To develop and rehabilitate projects in the State of Virginia towards the end of creating stable neighborhoods by purchasing, leasing, or otherwise acquiring any or all interests in vacant land, industrial, public, residential/commercial real property.
  • To provide counsel, advice, and services to neighborhood residents, including homeowners, tenants, or the homeless, for the purpose of improving living conditions within the community.
  • To combat community deterioration and to secure and provide decent, safe and sanitary housing, community and related facilities, services and conditions, economic, social or otherwise, conducive to the progress and general welfare of the community, by facilitating rehabilitation, improvement and use of housing facilities in declining areas within the State of Virginia.
  • ...and more
This is our purpose, our mission or goal; to serve the community.
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