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VRC works ceaselessly to give Pit Bulls another chance in life. Each and EVERY dog taken in, gets spayed or neutered, and given any medical treatment necessary. We work patiently to re-acclimatize fearful dogs to the loving care of a human, so that they may eventually be adopted. In some cases, these dogs have never had a kind word or touch, and it is a slow process. After determining temperaments and compatibility factors, we begin that long search for the perfect home. The need for helping Pit Bulls in the state of Louisiana is overwhelming. Though we expected it, we never thought it would be this bad. Because we are now centrally located in the heart of the city of New Orleans (9th Ward), the never ending flow of stray and unwanted Pit Bulls has now become an every day occurrence. Operating all of this on a non-profit budget means we always need the support of generous donors. This wish list is just one way people can help us with specifically needed items to help us care for our dogs.
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Marc Gold Fleece Blanket - 50" x 60"
SKU: 678472
Casepack: 24 pcs
Case Price: $70.80
Request has no limit.
Promo Fleece Blanket - Gray
SKU: 465202
Casepack: 36 pcs
Case Price: $185.40
Request has no limit.
Garbage Bags - 45 Gallon
SKU: 432853
Casepack: 100 pcs
Case Price: $35.00
Request has no limit.