Puzzles (26 items)

Beyond serving as a pleasurable pastime, puzzles can help sharpen the brain and improve problem-solving skills... . They can be a delight for all ages, from young kids to senior citizens. Good puzzles will provide hours of fun and learning at day-care centers, school classrooms, community centers and assisted-living and independent-living facilities.

Although they are relatively simple to make, many puzzles can be surprisingly expensive to purchase. But don’t worry. Buying bulk puzzles at an affordable price doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. At DollarDays, we stock an extensive selection of great wholesale jigsaw puzzles at attractive prices.

How do we do it? First, we enjoy low overhead as an Internet company. There’s no need for fancy offices or stores here to impress our clientele. What’s more, we buy puzzles in huge quantities. That means we enjoy tremendous discounts from puzzle makers. We pass these price cuts on to you when you purchase our wholesale puzzles.

When you buy by the case here, you can cut your puzzle costs to the bone. If you are searching for jigsaw puzzles under $5, you have come to the right place. When you take advantage of our bulky buying power and purchase a case or more, unit costs for puzzles can be as low as a few thin dimes per puzzle.

We carry puzzles for all ages and interests, making it easy to find exactly the right puzzles you are looking for. You will discover easy puzzles here for toddlers and little kids that will help them build their confidence while boosting their brainpower. We also have more advanced puzzles for grown-ups that can provide hours of entertainment and fun while keeping their brains sharp.
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